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Construction on Beach Beginning


Construction on Beach Beginning

Heavy equipment has moved onto Ocean Avenue this week to begin work on the new plaza deck and pedestrian bridge at Wonderland Station, and at the same time the project's developer is laying plans for a hotel and for an apartment building.

The crews will commence quick work to construct the plaza deck feature of the Waterfront Square development, along with the centerpiece of the entire project – a pedestrian bridge modeled after the Zakim Bridge in Boston.

So, here at Wonderland, using a (simple and basic) cable-stayed design means that there will not have to be any support piers in the middle of Ocean Avenue, making the area under the bridge a lot brighter and more useful than it might otherwise be.

I won't argue that the Zakim bridge isn't pretty to look at, but there's nothing about its design that's simple, basic, or necessarily even practical.

Attached picture: New bus quays inside the garage, now directly attached to Wonderland Station - no more crossing North Shore Road or waiting in the rain! The busses have their own special connection into the garage directly from Butler Circle, and the new traffic signals have been designed so they'll give priority to busses leaving the station.

This is need to be an all around great project for people who live in the area, people who commute via the T (especially those who walk or bike to the station and don't like crossing 4 lanes of Ocean Ave traffic), and people from Boston who want to come to the beach. : Golden Gate Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge). On the other hand, the cheapest bridges to build are just girders set atop multiple piers, but that becomes impractical when you need to span a wide distance with no support piers.

That project will proceed at breakneck speed this summer and should finish up by October.

Just coming off of a public meeting last week at the Paul Revere School, designated developer Joe DiGangi, of EuroVest, told the Journal he has started serious talks with hotel chains and is leaving his options open on that part of the development in order to see what will happen at the potential casino site in Suffolk Downs.

The hotel must commence in January 2013 according to the contract and DiGangi said they are trying to find out how they will develop the hotel, and just how many rooms it will contain.

He said they might build 100 hotel rooms and make the other 200 units apartments, with the possibility of converting them to hotel rooms in the future.

DiGangisaid that while he expects the development to stand on its own, he also expects the Waterfront Square hotel to be the primary off-site hotel for the potential casino, especially being that it would be the closest waterfront hotel to the proposed gaming facility.

He indicated that it would be foolish not to keep his options open at this point with so many things up in the air.

Personally, I will appreciate the new pedestrian bridge; it will make crossing Ocean Avenue easier and safer for me. Saying it's "modeled after the Zakim" is just not correct.

The one thing the two bridges have in common is that they use what's called a "cable-stayed" design to support the span.

The building will be 45,000 sq.

The monkey wrench in the hotel project – which is expected to abut the plaza deck – is what will happen with the potential casino at Suffolk Downs.

He said that he isn't compelled by his agreement to begin work on that component of the project just yet, but he is anxious to get something happening there. Modern cable-stayed bridges are now less expensive to construct than suspension bridges (e. When it opens in a couple of months, the new bus quays inside the garage can make it much nicer for passengers transferring to and from the Blue Line.

Since moving to Oak Island, I'm really enjoying being able to just ride my bike to Wonderland Station instead of driving into Boston.

DiGangi said he is also working hard towards getting underway on a 194-unit rental apartment building closer to Revere Street on what is known as the North Lot.

Construction on Beach Beginning

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